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Dan did a good job shipping this model to me. He rapped all the loose parts in bags so they would not break or get loose. I notice that it was missing some stuff, if anybody has it email me, I need a head light bucket. It was missing a rear slick and wheel, but I think I got that. below are the pictures of what it looks like. The body, frame, interior, engine, and chrome are in good shape, the glass is in bad shape, but I think I can fix. After checking the model out, I put the body, frame, interior in brake fluid to strip the paint off. I decided on using brake fluid instead of oven cleaner, because I was afraid of damaging the body of this model with oven cleaner, because older models, have a problem with the plastic getting brittle. So right now it is soaking in brake fluid, for about 2 days, It can soak over night, but I got a busy next couple of days, stay tune for part two.


Well as I mentioned before the brake fluid I thought didn't do a good job, so I used oven cleaner, it took some more off, but it left a funny orange tint left from the old paint. so I sanded it down to get it smooth, and primered it. When I put the front and rear fenders on, the rear fenders had no problems, but the left front fender would not line up right with the body, I have a big gap between the body and fender, I'll think of something, may be putting putty on it. The chrome parts are going to be sent off to be chromed by the Little Motor Kar Co. of Reading, Pa. Now this my take awhile,so I don't know when the next update will be. I do Have a color picked out for it. It is lemon twist by l'oreal finger nail polish. I'll show you how to air brush with finger polish soon, I plan on having a model tips page up soon and I hope to have pictures of my problem of the coupe up soon too!